Saturday, September 12, 2015


Resurfaced + Restructured   
September 12 - October 17, 2015

4710 West Adams Boulevard  
Los Angeles, CA

Reginald Ingraham Gallery is pleased to present, Eric Mack, Resurfaced + Restructured. This will be Eric Mack’s first solo show at the Reginald Ingraham Gallery and the first solo exhibition in Los Angeles.

Eric Mack, who hails from Atlanta GA, creates engaging work by combining all the images that has mentally cultivated him from a young age. He has assembled a body of work that is multi layered, multi dimensional , and just magical to view. With Macks love of hip hop, architecture, geometry, symbols and shapes, texture; African American history, and European masters; Mack has subconsciously, but purposely, allowed his work to channel his passions and the experiences he’s had. From the kinetic energy of hip-hop culture to the hyper-exposure of symbols that we are now exposed to daily, to his travels and 4 year residency in Munich, Germany, in which he was paid a stipend to produce work while there; Eric Mack’s life journey finds its way into his work. The work that Eric Mack produces, many of them mix media collages on canvas, are journey filled works that will take you right to the threshold of fantasy, yet give you the feeling of deja vu or a sense of soothing remembrance. Mack’s work has been, at times, compared to Wassily Kandinsky because of his use of color, shapes and form. Mack has many influences, yet Kandinsky seems to be the one most noted, because he too had traveled to Munich. Kandinsky has been quoted to say, “Colour is a power which directly influences the soul,” Mack’s work are an extension of his soul.

Eric Mack has been included in many private collections, as well as major corporate collections in the states and throughout Europe. Most recently Eric Mack’s work was acquired by the The High Museum, Atlanta GA, for their permanent collection.

Click here to for exhibit info and images.

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