Saturday, September 12, 2015

CHICAGO: Ebony G. Patterson

unearthing treez
September 12- October 24, 2015

2154 West Division Street
Chicago, IL

In her third solo exhibition at moniquemeloche, Ebony G. Patterson will debut a new body of her signature hand-embellished tapestries that are part of the ongoing series Dead Treez.  Focusing on the body to impart the paradoxical relationship between Jamaica’s traditional expectations of manhood and the flamboyant aesthetics of its dancehall culture, Patterson creates a window onto working-class Jamaican society. Adorned with patterning and ornamentation, the artist seduces the viewer into bearing witness to the underreported and unacknowledged brutality experienced by those on the lower rungs of the socioeconomic ladder.  Gone are the party people glittering in the video light, these new tapestries hold images of murder victims, drawing attention to shadowy and more violent aspects of the pageantry.

Click here to for exhibit info and images.

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