Thursday, March 13, 2014

PERFORMANCE: Jason Moran and Theaster Gates / Chicago Symphony Center / May 30, 2014

Jason Moran. Image via
Friday, May 30, 2014, 8:00PM

220 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Innovative jazz pianist Jason Moran and multifaceted visual artist Theaster Gates will collaborate on a new work giving context to the phrase originally attributed to the Quakers: “speak truth to power.” As envisioned by two of today’s most inventive and brilliant artists, this Symphony Center Presents Jazz series commission will use stories from Chicago’s many eras to illustrate how the power of music and art can unite and transform the city.

Jason Moran statement to (published August 9, 2013):

“[This performance] is a commission from the Chicago Symphony Center. James Fahey put together a series of concerts around the theme of speak truth to power. I thought this would be a way for Theaster and I to come together and kind of have an artistic discussion through our forms about the beautiful prospect that [Chicago] has created for people of all kinds of disciplines. If I think specifically, for my history, from the blues piano tradition, what the blues represents, what the south represents up north in Chicago, all this is good. But on the other side is kind of terrible. How do we improve these things within the human condition? What is the relationship that Chicago has to the rest of the world – not only Chicago to itself or Chicago to the media, but Chicago to Pakistan or Chicago to Australia? And so Theaster and I are working on a four or five movement piece around this subject of truth and power. It won’t premiere until late May of 2014.”

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