Tuesday, July 23, 2013

COVER: Kerry James Marshall / Mousse / Issue 39 / Summer 2013

The Lack In the Image Bank: Kerry James Marshall’s Reclamation of Pictures

Text | Nav Haq

To what extent has our imaginary been colonized by stereotypical scenes, from art history and the world of media, whose protagonists are Caucasian figures? Might this not be both the cause and effect of our acute perception of “otherness,” with its wealth of negative implications? Kerry James Marshall, in his wide-ranging pictorial research, analyzes the condition of images, coming to terms with art history, contemporary icons and the dictatorship of an iconographic imaginary that is intrinsically discriminatory, showing how art can become a tool of reappropriation and expansion of our collective unconscious.

Mousse Magazine Issue 39 is on newsstands now.

Full article can be read online here.

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