Thursday, June 6, 2013

PREVIEW: Tony Lewis

All photos © 2013 BlackArtistNews. All rights reserved. Tony Lewis artwork used with permission of Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago.

BlackArtistNews previews new works by emerging artist  

Several works on paper by Tony Lewis will be on view in the Statements sector at Art Basel, June 13-16th.

Statement provided by Shane Campbell Gallery:

Tony Lewis's recent work involves generally spare compositions of graphite letters excised from a self-written text that continues to be manipulated and rewritten on four glued paper panels. The language component, in the case of this project, stems from automatic writing and drawing exercises performed in the studio. Through associative wordplay, the nouns "people" and "color" are loosely organized into a poetic compound sentence. Fragments of that sentence are then transcribed in the form of a five line stanza with all of the letters being articulated in hand-drawn Arial font.  Depending on the drawing, Lewis will isolate particular words, letters, or phrases to shuffle meaning across personal, pop-cultural, political, and aesthetic boundaries. The scale of the drawings and fugitive media amount to expressive, visceral documentation of linguistic erasure and the simultaneously poignant and non-sensical possibilities it permits


For more information contact the Shane Campbell Gallery.

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