Friday, May 17, 2013

HOUSTON: The boat is a floating piece of space

Delio Delgado. Untitled #1. Mixed media print. 13” x 13”, 2011. Image courtesy of the artist via

Curated by Sally Frater
May 17 – August 2, 2013

4807 Caroline Street
Houston, TX

From the HMAAC web site:

The boat is a floating piece of space is an exhibition by Charles Campbell, Delio Delgado, Erika DeFreitas, Dionne Simpson and Stacey Tyrell - five Canadian artists who have cultural ties to the Caribbean. Featuring printmaking, painting, photography, and textiles, the collective works illustrate the ways in which national and personal histories, memory and notions of transition surface in each of their respective practices. The boat is a floating piece of space draws its title from Michel Foucault’s text Of Other Spaces, which explores the idea of the heterotopic space, a “non-place” that is both physical and mental. The exhibition also addresses the artists’ negotiation of their liminal positions as the occupants of places that are located in-between culture, memory and geography, while simultaneously parsing the traces of inherited experiences and narratives that inform, and emerge in, their artistic production.

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