Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GENESIS: Shelton Jackson Lee / March 20, 1957

Jessica Rycheal, A Spike Lee Joint, Vector illustration, 2012 via JessicaRycheal.com

Everybody knows that Spike Lee is an important filmmaker, but do they realize how good he is with actors, and how innovative he is with style? We live in a period when many filmmakers use either a straightforward meat-and-potatoes style, or draw attention with meaningless over-editing, queasy-cams and showboat shots. With Lee, as with any classical director, the emphasis is on the story and the people. But he's always there, nudging us, being sure what we notice, moving his camera not merely with efficiency but with grace and innovation. Because he doesn't go out of his way to call attention, how many realize what a master stylist he is?

~Roger Ebert

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