Tuesday, June 7, 2011

COVER: Ava DuVernay / CINEMATIQ / Spring 2011

CINEMATIQ, a new quarterly resource magazine with a distinct perspective in Black Cinema presents their 2nd issue honoring Forty Fascinating Women in Film and Television. Four decades of women behind and in front of the lens compiles the list: 1970’s Soul Cinema, 1980’s Primetime Players, 1990’s Black Are Beautiful and Millennium Women. Ava DuVernay graces the spring issue of CINEMATIQ magazine. She is the founder of the newly formed African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM) and director of “I Will Follow” featuring Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Michole White, and Beverly Todd.  The magazine is available in print only and  is available exclusively at www.cinematiqmag.com.
“This issue is very special to me. It highlights many of my favorite childhood to adulthood Black Women in Film & Television,” explained Angel L. Brown-Ross, Editor-In-Chief of CINEMATIQ. “I also had an amazing time and learned a lot, interviewing Leslie Harris who wrote, produced and got her film, “Just Another Girl On The I.R.T.” distributed in the 90’s.” “ I am super excited about REEL READY, guest columnist, Leyla T. Rosario, cinematographer of the new series, “The Bridge.” It is particularly essential for this magazine to highlight as many women cinematographers, producers, writers, women in general ‘behind’ the lens, showing one range/ depth and knowledge of the art; something I plan to cover ievery issue.”
About CINEMATIQ Magazine (http://www.cinematiqmag.com/subscribe.php) Founded and created by Angel L. Brown-Ross, CINEMATIQ is a quarterly resource magazine with a distinct perspective in Black Cinema.  CINEMATIQ will cover the vast selection of films from independent films to mainstream.  In each issue, readers will find; interviews, film and equipment reviews, reviews focusing on topics ranging from development to distribution, resources and support for independent producers seeking funding for their projects.  The magazine is currently in print exclusively at http://www.cinematiqmag.com/ and will soon be available in stores.

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