Thursday, June 29, 2017


Color People
July 1 - July 25, 2017

Participating artists:

Marina Adams
McArthur Binion
Robert Colescott
Sam Gilliam
Alteronce Gumby
Mary Heilmann
Loie Hollowell
Tony Lewis
Walter Price
Nathaniel Mary Quinn
Amy Sherald
Bob Thompson
Mary Weatherford

87 Newton Lane
East Hampton, NY

From Rental Gallery e-blast:

"Color People is an exhibition I've long considered organizing. It's born of a twenty-year obsession with the work of the artist Bob Thompson. The artists included are a wide range of painters whose works perform differently but with a shared radicality in their employment and understanding of color. This exhibition doesn't speak to a time or place. The relationships formed here between works are often opaque and intentionally diverse. Some of these artists are heroes of mine, while others I've only recently been introduced to. They're bonded by my interest in their work. I've often found that artist-organized exhibitions are most successful when the artist chooses to include works they wish they'd made themselves. This exhibition follows that philosophy."  –Rashid Johnson

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