Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WASHINGTON DC: Charles Williams

September 25 - October 13, 2015

1781 Florida Avenue NW   
Washington, DC

Text by Tamela Maxim via

Charles Williams captures the liquid fluidity and bold power found in various forms of water in massive oil paintings for his new exhibit, entitled, Swim. The works were generated by an obsession with water caused by a frightening childhood experience when he was abruptly swept away from safety by an ocean undertow. Charles invites the viewer to share both the monstrosity and the magic of his phobia, including the sensation of being taken under, the awareness of letting go and the magnificent beauty of the waves with the reminder that danger is always just a split second away.

This emotionally driven manipulation of the senses is an orientation to the visual poetry of the artist’s collective perspective – both real and imagined. The challenge is to relate the experience of Swim, An Artist’s Journey” to one’s own personal fears and find inspiration for transitioning towards fearlessness – a journey not without risk, but delightfully full of healing and surprises.

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