Monday, January 5, 2015

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Chris Rock as Jean-Michel Basquiat

Comedian reveals he was in talks to play neo-expressionist artist in biopic

BlackArtistNews | January 5, 2015

Chris Rock is a funny guy. In a Rolling Stone interview published in December 2014, he revealed that he was considered for the role of Jean-Michel Basquiat in the 1996 film directed by Julian Schnabel.

No joke.

Rock told the magazine:   
“After New Jack [City, a 1991 feature where Rock played a drug addict] there was talk of me playing Basquiat, with Julian Schnabel directing. But here's the problem: I didn't know who Schnabel was, and I didn't know who Basquiat was. I could name everybody in the [rap group, Grandmaster Flash and the] Furious Five, though.”

Rock's obviously not upset about not receiving the part. 

Maybe he's found solace in the probability that Schnabel can't name the members of the Furious Five.

Read the complete version of Chris Rock: The Rolling Stone Interview here.

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