Wednesday, December 25, 2013

COVER: John Bankston / New American Paintings / No. 109

John Bankston , Cover up, Oil and acrylic on canvas. 48 x 44 inches. All rights of art reproduced herein are retained by the artist.
San Francisco based artist “Editor’s Pick” among artists surveyed in Pacific Coast region

Editor’s statement:   
I have been a fan of John Bankston’s work for a long time, and, as I have stated in the past, he is firmly on my list of the most underrated mid-career painters. For over a decade, Bankston has drawn from children’s coloring books, using their visual structures to explore a deep interest in the interaction between painting and drawing. It is through Bankston’s primary activity of painting that narrative enters his work. His highly personal iconography seems innocent at first, but the look of his paintings belies their complex and layered content, which concerns decidedly non-childlike issues including race, gender, and identity.

Bankston’s artist statement: 
My work engages the visual language of coloring books. Formally, this idiom allows for the integration of painting and drawing as well as figuration and abstraction. Line is used to define the boundaries of form. Color many describe the images, but it does not always respect the boundaries established by the line, as it can ooze and seep over the edges. I want the tension of “staying within the lines” to be seen literally and metaphorically.

Read John Bankston's artist statement in full here.

New American Paintings 2013 Pacific Coast edition is available on newsstands now or order online here

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