Monday, July 1, 2013

COVER: Nick Cave / Modern Painters / July-August 2013

Nick Cave, photographed in Chicago by Kristine Laresen for Modern Painters, 2013.
Studio Check: Nick Cave
Text and Photographs by Kristine Larsen


Known primarily for the wearable sculptures known as soundsuits, Cave also produces vertical assemblages – all in his studio, on the second floor of his building. Some 40 new pieces, both assemblages and soundsuits, are currently on view in his solo exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. “This new body of work is based around these ceramic dogs that I’ve been finding. In every piece, there’s a dog that I’ve collected at a flea market or a secondhand store. And so it’s ideas of loyalty, ownership, protection,” Cave says. “I’m rescuing these dogs. They’re not real, but there is this sort of loyalty.”

Pick up a copy of the July-August 2013 issue of Modern Painters to read complete story.

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