Wednesday, May 8, 2013

COVER: David Agbodji / Spashion / Volume 2


David Agbodji has been taking the fashion world by storm since landing a contract with Calvin Klein in 2010. The French born model talks to Spashion about how it all started, keeping fit and his latest venture into photography.


Obviously you’re doing really well in the world of modeling – was that what you always wanted to do or did you have other plans?
I was planning to become some kind of artist. Modeling was essentially to make some extra cash. I always go through different stages and media, so I wasn’t very clear on which kind of artist I would become at the end (still not sure). When modeling took off, I was getting into photography.
So, photography and art have always been passions of yours?
I grew up sketching and painting a lot but I honestly hated photography. I just didn’t really consider it as higher art; I felt like it was cheating even. I accidentally fell in love with it when I went through a period of making images of my girl. At first they were paintings and drawings, and then just to be quicker I started to shooting her, but with the intention of painting over it or something. Long story short, I got sucked in and got more curious. I especially got curious to figure out why it took photographers I worked with as a model so long to shoot a damn pic. I’m not very different from them now.
Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?
I don’t have any single inspiration. It’s a combination of many, many amazing people and the color red.

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