Sunday, April 14, 2013

GENESIS: Gary Simmons / April 14, 1964

Gary Simmons photographed in 2010. Image via

“The so-called post-black generation may have been ushered in by artists, writers and curators of my generation because we created a network that ultimately provided a larger audience and broader outlets for racially driven work. Thanks to the work of earlier generations however, our work was not confined to a single topic and segregated audience. Jack Whitten and David Hammons, for example, were subjected to trauma and adversity that I never experienced as a black man born in the 1960s. Whereas I felt distant from my predecessors because of that, I think the experience of younger artists like Julie Mehretu, Sanford Biggers or Mark Bradford is much closer to my own generation’s experience. That doesn’t make their work post-racial but part of a larger dialogue, one they have also inherited from predecessors.” 
                                                         --Gary Simmons

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