Monday, January 30, 2012

MUSE: Jody Watley (born January 30, 1959)

Photograph by Victoria Pearson Cameron, 1987.

The beat don't stop for this singer's timeless appeal
BlackArtistNews | January 30, 2012

It all begins with you: In a cookie-cutter world, it takes raw talent to cultivate the confidence required to live by one's wits. Workin' on a groove: Gumption has made Jody Watley an unsung pop icon -- vaingloriously sexy, always with the times, never of the times and oftentimes ahead of them. Most of all: She's filled the gap between black and post-black, urban and urbane, modern and contemporary. Timeless.

Photograph by Herb Ritts for GAP, 1989.
Photograph by Andrea Blanch for Harper's Bazaar, 1991.
Photograph by Lance Staedler.
Illustration by Sally Simonetti for Jody Watley's Larger Than Life Tour book, 1989.

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