Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ABOUT FACE: Photographer Brad Starks featured in About.me Times Square ad campaign

Photographer Brad Starks. © 2011 Brad Starks. All rights reserved.

Fashion and beauty photog drags himself into the big picture
BlackArtistNews | November 8, 2011

It’s an uncommon practice for a social media profile picture to be posted on a billboard in the middle of New York’s Times Square.

But that’s exactly what pedestrians and passersby will be looking at when they see an advertisement for About.me (pronounced “about dot me”) featuring the face of fashion and beauty photographer Brad Starks. 

For the next month or so, his about.me profile will hang over the W Hotel’s Blue Fin Bar on Broadway and 54th.  

About.me is a social identity site where users create a “sleek and sexy” custom web page that presents in one place “all the places [they] live on the web.”   

In September the company launched the About.me in Times Square Contest to find new faces for their fall promotion. During the contest period about.me profile visitors were encouraged to vote for entry contestants.

Starks – who labels himself a “social media addict and creative superhero” – was one of seven runners-up in the competition. 

But his affable smile isn’t what gave him an edge; it was his decision to upload a series of YouTube videos of himself as “Bethesda Jackson” – a handsome, athletic blonde who could give Serena Williams a stroll for her money. 

The videos produced big laughs and voter support: “Bethesda Jackson” made Brad Starks “the man.”

And he’s got the billboard to prove it.  

About.me/bradstarks billboard in New York's Time Square.  

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