Saturday, April 23, 2011

ATLANTA: Daniel Minter / "A Heavy Grace, A Shallow Home" / Hammonds House Museum / April 24 - June 26, 2011

Daniel Minter's art is an art of reclamation. His images -- in painting, in sculpture -- call back the beauty of our darkest skins, the plush of our lips, the fullness of our sight. It is an art of close attention. Almost hyper-real. A realism edged forward to its most essential characteristic -- spirit. Wide oval eyes ever-watchful from all the realms. This is mystery speaking a plain language. Here spirit and flesh combine on canvas, in wood, in iron and bronze. Minter's figures are both history and myth. His bodies, big-boned and full-labored, have an uncommon delicacy and a heavy grace. Minter's art is a protective art. And an art of protection. Firm lines. Crossed roads. Boxes. Square things. And the open circles of offering.

As part of Hammonds House Museum's continued commitment to the cultivation of emerging artists the Art Auction Merit Award exhibition features an artist selected from the Museum's annual Art Auction. Daniel Minter's art was chosen by a trio of museum professionals based in the Atlanta, GA arts community.

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